What Are The Benefits Of Laundry Services

Are you too busy with your office work? Do you want to keep your weekends for shopping and relaxing? Do you want to spend some quality time with your family? Do you want to plan outings with your friends? Do you want to have enough sleep? Are you really tired by doing all the household chores by yourself? Then opt for online laundry right away. Don’t wait for that perfect moment, when you get more exhaustive washing clothes rather than finding time for yourself. Not many people believe in getting their clothes washed from outside, but when they go for it, they love it as there are many advantages attached to it:


There is nothing worse than getting up early on a Sunday morning and wash clothes, dry them off and then send them for ironing. This is not only a time consuming process but also a hassle to your comfortable life. It’s better to outsource your laundry and get your clothes ready within three hours of dropping them off at the laundry store. Doesn’t sound that great? T…

Reasons Why You Must Opt A Laundry Service

Who doesn’t want a simple and easy life? Be it professional or personal, who wants to keep working at each hour of the day? Who wants to invest his/her productive time in washing clothes rather than thinking about doing something big in future? Doesn’t it calls for opting an online laundry service? And if you are thinking of getting best laundry in Bangalore, doesn’t it require many reasons to switch from home laundry to outsourcing your clothes for washing? Here are some apt reasons for choosing a laundry service:

Enjoy convenience

With free pickup and delivery, you can enjoy the benefit of sitting at home and get your ready clothes within a few hours by just booking your appointment online. You don’t need to specially find time to wash your clothes and wait till they are dry and ironed. Forget about handling a wide range of laundry all by yourself, rather give it to the experts and get the best cleaning without any effort.

Make most of your time 

Be it spending quality time with your…

Blast from The Past: The Origin of Washing Machines

The chronological invention of washing machine is an interesting piece of information that takes us back to the time when our ancestors really used put in much efforts and hard work to wash their clothes by using scrub/brush, soap and water, near a lake or river. Then came the mechanical machines and finally it took a turn to laundry online. From washing clothes to sheets and curtains, though the laundry services nowadays are pretty efficient in satisfying their customers with quality washing at affordable price, but it is still exciting to know the origin of washing machines:

Scrub board washing machine

Invented for the first time in 1797, the scrub board washing machine made use of a plank with defined structures on it, half dipped in a container of water and detergent that enabled people to rub their clothes against the board. It was usually a time taking process which required much labour to keep brushing clothes till they are clean. There was no automatic water inlet so it had to…